We are Narrative Inquiry researchers, who use creative self-expression to gain a deeper understanding of humanness of care and how people construct identity and knowledge in relationship to self and to the other. Consistent with the narrative of practice definition, the narrative inquiry community is "not nearly a club" or "a network of connections" but rather individuals with common research interests (Wenger-Trainer, 2015). This narrative inquiry community aims to share knowledge in teaching learning strategies, research methodologies and curriculum.

This website is research-based, arising out of our respective Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry (AINI) (Jasna) and Narrative Inquiry and relational practice (Louela) research programmes.

Jasna K. Schwind RN, PhD

Nicole Kruczek, BScN, MHSc

Poonam K Sharma, RN, MN

Louela Manankil-Rankin, PhD

Elizabeth Suen BHSc (Hons), MHSc

Victoria Gaudite Porzuczek

Gail M Lindsay RN PhD

Neelam Walji-Jivraj

Megalai Thavakugathasalingam