I am currently on Leave as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, ON, Canada. My program of research is based in questions such as: How do healthcare providers and educators conceptualize and collaborate with people in their care? How do providers include themselves in the building of relationships towards co-creating identity and knowledge that underpins actions taken? At the intersection of epistemology and ontology, sharing arts-informed Narrative Inquiry processes with my research partner Dr. Jasna Schwind, I have explored experience with nurse-teachers, with students, faculty and nurses in mental health. I have undertaken other interpretive qualitative research with people injured in motor vehicle collisions, students and graduates in a multi-site multi-method bridging program evaluation research and with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses caring for infants at end of life. The narrative thread through all of this is thinking narratively about relationships and life patterns.

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